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For the love of Jack & Jean Evenson

Welcome to Buster’s Vision Nonprofit, IncBuster’s Vision is a non-profit dedicated to provide the public with a positive, encouraging “ANIMAL EDUCATION”, promoting an awareness to protect the WELFARE OF ANIMALS, buyers, and respectable breeders and to develop higher standards of ethical business practice and conduct.

Buster’s Vision isn’t just an “ANIMAL EDUCATION” Website. We are physically active in our communities promoting, “Buster’s Vision Tools of Animal Education” Presentations and Booths. Our goal is to Save Animals, Wipe-out Puppy Mills, Puppy Mill Syndrome, Puppy Disease, Bogus Rescues, Reduce the Animal Population, and Prevent Dog Attacks & Maulings. An ANIMAL EDUCATION is desperately needed in our communities. One voice can make a difference!

"I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being"

Abraham Lincoln
16th President of the United States of America. Reared in a poor family on the western frontier, Lincoln was mostly self‐educated. He became a country lawyer, an Illinois State Legislator and US House Representative.

I have dedicated my life to Buster’s Vision Nonprofit with the support of devoted Board Members and Volunteers. I no longer breed dogs because of the urgent need for ANIMAL EDUCATION within our communities. The term “Puppy Mills” is becoming a common household word. The new buzzword surfacing in Animal communities is “Kill Zone.” An ANIMAL EDUCATION needs to be implemented immediately, effectively and efficiently to protect animals, people, children, buyers, respectable breeders and businesses.

A young boy named his puppy after his favorite ball player, San Francisco Giant’s catcher, Buster Posey. Buster has Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (DES-Dry Eye Syndrome). Buster has no tear production. He needs three different eye drops administered three times per day or his eyes will crack. Buster is going blind and potentially at risk for loosing his eyes. I was the breeder who delivered Buster. Bobbi Evenson, formerly known as Happy Haven Labradors.

Who is Buster Posey?

A beginning of an era...

Buster’s Vision launched its first “Animal Education for KIDS!” at the Boys & Girls Club in San Jose, CA. It was a huge success! We are working on “Buster’s Vision Animal Education for KIDS!” Coloring Books. The coloring books will resonate with the same theme as the presentation. Our goal is to have the animal education solidify in the child’s mind while coloring in the book at home. Children need to understand a pet is more important than a Game APP, TV, or Smartphone. Children need to understand it is not OK to yell, strike, bite, kick, pull the hair of an animal, put them into a closet or leave outdoors. A kitten or puppy cannot protect themselves; a puppy will grow into a dog and may attack in defense. 

Buster’s Vision does not want to see another senseless attack on a person or a child. Buster’s Vision was founded on behalf of Buster Posey (The HAPPY Lab!), because of his handicap. His VISION, my VISION, now your VISION. Our greatest hope is to save animals and protect children through the power of an Animal Education. We hope you will adopt Buster’s Vision and share our website with your family, friends, and community. We thank you for your support and visiting Buster’s Vision Nonprofit’s website. One Voice can make a difference!

Ms. Bobbi Evenson
Founder & Representative
Buster’s Vision Nonprofit, Inc. (BVN, Inc.)
Positive, Encouraging, Buster’s Vision!


About Us

A little about us and where we come from...

Buster’s Vision Non Profit Inc was incorporated as a Non Profit Organization 4 years ago. BVN Inc is an is an approved 501c3 organization. Buster’s Vision is a Free Pubic Education for a World Without Abandoned & Abused Animals.

Buster's Vision Nonprofit, Inc. is an approved 501c3 organization.

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Business License No. 060938 | Tax ID No. 45-3614607
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Our organization is located in Sunnyvale, California but we welcome everyone from every corner of the world. Our vision is to fight dog cruelty all over the world at any cost. Send us a message or contact us today so that we can fight together.

Busters Vision:

Buster’s Vision is a Non Profit organization dealing with abandoned and neglected dogs and more. We were formed 4 years ago and have been fighting the war against dog cruelty since.

Since we are a Non Profit, we always welcome any kind of help and volunteers to our organization.

Please feel free to contact us should need any information or if you would like to contribute to the cause.

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